Saint Andrews Tee Times

Saint Andrews Tee Times

St Andrews Links is undoubtedly the home of golf. The Old Course is the oldest course in the world. Its existence was a matter that can be credited largely to the King of Scotland. Due to its famous nature, the town attracts many golfers each year. In order for one to get the tee time, they need to understand a few things.

Do Not Trust Tour Operators

Saint Andrews Tee TimesSome tour operators claim they can get tee times for golfers. However, this not the case, in most cases they can only guarantee one a chance to get the tee time. Getting the tee time requires some ingenuity. Do not listen to the hype, it is important that one understands fully what exactly the tour operator can guarantee.

How to Get the Tee Time

Due to the busy nature of the golf courses in St Andrews links, getting tee time can be quite challenging. If one is already in the town and they are feeling abandoned by the tour operator, they can always do a walk up. This is the last resort one can use. If lucky, one may find that there is an opening due to a cancelled reservation.

Another method of getting tee time is to contact the St Andrews Links Trust. This organization seeks to manage the golf courses in the area for the public. They have a Reservation Team, which one can directly write a letter and seek tee time. The team is very efficient and they will provide the highest level of assistance possible. Writing to the Reservations Team yield some of the best results in terms of getting the tee time.

Saint Andrews Tee TimesOne may also request the hotel they will be staying at for tee time. Each year, the St Andrews Links Trust offers tee times to hotels in the area. This is in a bid to promote tourism in the area. The hotels then offer the tee time as part of their package. A bit of research could land one some great tee time. Most hotels in St Andrews Links will have listed if they have tee times available.

One may also enter the daily ballot. This is offered by the trust for those who are unlucky in getting the tee time. This offer is available for the old course. The tee time is available two days after the ballot is done. In addition to that, one should plan their golf holiday with this fact in mind.

Some of the tour operators also offer tee time. They combine the entire package. For those who want a stress free holiday. This is probably one of the best options available. It is also a great way to maximize on the time one has for playing golf. This is because the time spent looking for accommodation and transportation to the golf course can reduce the amount of time available for playing. In addition, someone who has not been to the area may not know which hotels and courses are the best options.


Getting tee time in St Andrews links can be a bit of a challenge. With the right challenge, it can be a breeze. These few tips should definitely make the entire process much smoother for golf enthusiasts.