Etiquette for Golfers Travelling to Sctotland for Golf

Etiquette for Golfers Travelling to Sctotland for Golf

Getting the Best of Scotland Golf Tour

Finding Tee Times

You have already put your time in with your new golf driver at the driving range and you are feeling super confident that you are now ready enough to give your first round in golf. You may be going solo or tagging a group of friends. Prior to gathering all your equipment and heading to the course, make sure that you do not forget that one essential detail that is required by each golf game: tee time.

Etiquette for Golfers Travelling to Sctotland for GolfA tee time is normally a reservation at a golf course when you are needed to start your round. In Scotland, you are likely to find some golf courses that do not require a tee time, though most still do. Through tee times, the course is kept working in an efficient manner, which allows for an optimal number of golfers at a time without overcrowding at the course.

As you travel to Scotland to play golf, it is recommended that you contact the course at an earlier time. There are courses that fill up much quicker and need to be contacted at a much earlier time. In fact, you are likely to find some popular courses that will need you to book up to a year in advance.

Things to consider when choosing a tee time

Etiquette for Golfers Travelling to Sctotland for Golf1. Time – during nice weather a course is likely to be full.

2. Number of players you are tagging along with – splitting big groups into some smaller portions capable of playing back-to-back tee times will require that you do advance planning.

3. Time of day – morning time is more preferable by most golfers, and this leads to faster filling of tee times.

4. Course length – get to know the course you will playing at, whether a 9-hole or a 18-hole game

When setting a tee time, it is important that you are flexible. It is much likely that you may be in need of an earlier tee time but only find that the earliest they offer is almost an hour before your favorable time.

Etiquette to Observe at a Golf Course

Etiquette for Golfers Travelling to Sctotland for GolfIt is important that you maintain respect of your tee time. Supposing you reserve a certain time, it is not prudent that you show up late and still expect to find the course automatically fitting you.

Ensure that you evaluate your pace of play often and in a manner that is honest. You need to accept that you are a slow player if you are consistently slower in the whole group. Motivate everyone to increase their pace in order that you find yourself just behind the group most of the time.

Make sure that you are able to keep your tempers at bay. Throwing clubs and shouting profanity will definitely make everyone uneasy. Be aware that every person has his or her moments of frustration and the trick is only knowing how to maintain it.

Be respectful of other players taking their turn to play. Whenever a player set himself to hit the golf, it is important that you stand still until the ball leaves the club. Never walk into a person’s line of play, either beyond a hole or directly behind a ball.