Guidelines to Good Golf Etiquette

Scotland is considered the home of golf. Over six centuries, the game has flourished here and remains among the country’s main attraction. There are more than 440 golf courses in Scotland many of which are open to everyone. The Scottish Golf Union was established in 1920 with the aim of nurturing and maintaining high standards of amateur golf.

Guidelines to Good Golf EtiquetteWhen golfing, it is etiquette to always keep time. As a professional golf player, once you schedule your tee time, it is expected of you to reach there early. This will give one ample time to be able to get the equipment. Afterwards, one will need to tee off on time.

One must ensure not to be the slowest player. When golfing, it is good to always evaluate and keep up with the pace of the group. Always keep in mind the old staples of getting around at good time. Do not allow yourself to always be left behind in all rounds. Being attentive aids one to take swings on time.

It is also good to always respect the time of other people. This will be by making sure you turn up for the lesson once a tee time is made. It is recommended to be punctual at all times.

Guidelines to Good Golf EtiquetteWhen playing golf, silence is necessary. It is important to know when to keep quiet and where to stand. One should not make noise when someone is taking a swing. Standing in the line of play is also not appropriate and one should avoid walking on putting lines. One should stand behind the ball or after the hole.

As a professional golf player, it is his or her responsibility to make sure that the golf cart is not left anywhere. Different courses have different set of rules that govern golf carts. Therefore, one must pay attention to the cart rules.

A golfer must always look good and wear good golf shoes and cloths that are fit for golf. The appearance of a person speaks volumes. It expected a golfer to show good impression to other people. This will make other people also want to be associated with you.

Guidelines to Good Golf EtiquetteWhen golfing, it is expected to lend a hand when needed. One can help look for any lost balls. One should not just pass by in case a cart is in the wrong place. Also, one can lay down a flagstick or pick up a provisional ball.

Since silence is mandatory in the game, it is recommended to switch off any cell phones. In case one has to receive or make a call, it is good to move to another destination to do so. This will prevent any distractions since a golfer can be easily distracted.

As a player, you are expected to be responsible and purchase your own clubs. One must not always be borrowing clubs throughout the period. He or she should make efforts of at least owning a few clubs.

Golf is considered a good game since favors are involved. The etiquette that one practices will be further repaid in the course of the game. When one abides by the guidelines, other people will also enjoy playing with you.

Etiquette for Golfers Travelling to Sctotland for Golf

Getting the Best of Scotland Golf Tour

Finding Tee Times

You have already put your time in with your new golf driver at the driving range and you are feeling super confident that you are now ready enough to give your first round in golf. You may be going solo or tagging a group of friends. Prior to gathering all your equipment and heading to the course, make sure that you do not forget that one essential detail that is required by each golf game: tee time.

Etiquette for Golfers Travelling to Sctotland for GolfA tee time is normally a reservation at a golf course when you are needed to start your round. In Scotland, you are likely to find some golf courses that do not require a tee time, though most still do. Through tee times, the course is kept working in an efficient manner, which allows for an optimal number of golfers at a time without overcrowding at the course.

As you travel to Scotland to play golf, it is recommended that you contact the course at an earlier time. There are courses that fill up much quicker and need to be contacted at a much earlier time. In fact, you are likely to find some popular courses that will need you to book up to a year in advance.

Things to consider when choosing a tee time

Etiquette for Golfers Travelling to Sctotland for Golf1. Time – during nice weather a course is likely to be full.

2. Number of players you are tagging along with – splitting big groups into some smaller portions capable of playing back-to-back tee times will require that you do advance planning.

3. Time of day – morning time is more preferable by most golfers, and this leads to faster filling of tee times.

4. Course length – get to know the course you will playing at, whether a 9-hole or a 18-hole game

When setting a tee time, it is important that you are flexible. It is much likely that you may be in need of an earlier tee time but only find that the earliest they offer is almost an hour before your favorable time.

Etiquette to Observe at a Golf Course

Etiquette for Golfers Travelling to Sctotland for GolfIt is important that you maintain respect of your tee time. Supposing you reserve a certain time, it is not prudent that you show up late and still expect to find the course automatically fitting you.

Ensure that you evaluate your pace of play often and in a manner that is honest. You need to accept that you are a slow player if you are consistently slower in the whole group. Motivate everyone to increase their pace in order that you find yourself just behind the group most of the time.

Make sure that you are able to keep your tempers at bay. Throwing clubs and shouting profanity will definitely make everyone uneasy. Be aware that every person has his or her moments of frustration and the trick is only knowing how to maintain it.

Be respectful of other players taking their turn to play. Whenever a player set himself to hit the golf, it is important that you stand still until the ball leaves the club. Never walk into a person’s line of play, either beyond a hole or directly behind a ball.

Saint Andrews Tee Times

St Andrews Links is undoubtedly the home of golf. The Old Course is the oldest course in the world. Its existence was a matter that can be credited largely to the King of Scotland. Due to its famous nature, the town attracts many golfers each year. In order for one to get the tee time, they need to understand a few things.

Do Not Trust Tour Operators

Saint Andrews Tee TimesSome tour operators claim they can get tee times for golfers. However, this not the case, in most cases they can only guarantee one a chance to get the tee time. Getting the tee time requires some ingenuity. Do not listen to the hype, it is important that one understands fully what exactly the tour operator can guarantee.

How to Get the Tee Time

Due to the busy nature of the golf courses in St Andrews links, getting tee time can be quite challenging. If one is already in the town and they are feeling abandoned by the tour operator, they can always do a walk up. This is the last resort one can use. If lucky, one may find that there is an opening due to a cancelled reservation.

Another method of getting tee time is to contact the St Andrews Links Trust. This organization seeks to manage the golf courses in the area for the public. They have a Reservation Team, which one can directly write a letter and seek tee time. The team is very efficient and they will provide the highest level of assistance possible. Writing to the Reservations Team yield some of the best results in terms of getting the tee time.

Saint Andrews Tee TimesOne may also request the hotel they will be staying at for tee time. Each year, the St Andrews Links Trust offers tee times to hotels in the area. This is in a bid to promote tourism in the area. The hotels then offer the tee time as part of their package. A bit of research could land one some great tee time. Most hotels in St Andrews Links will have listed if they have tee times available.

One may also enter the daily ballot. This is offered by the trust for those who are unlucky in getting the tee time. This offer is available for the old course. The tee time is available two days after the ballot is done. In addition to that, one should plan their golf holiday with this fact in mind.

Some of the tour operators also offer tee time. They combine the entire package. For those who want a stress free holiday. This is probably one of the best options available. It is also a great way to maximize on the time one has for playing golf. This is because the time spent looking for accommodation and transportation to the golf course can reduce the amount of time available for playing. In addition, someone who has not been to the area may not know which hotels and courses are the best options.


Getting tee time in St Andrews links can be a bit of a challenge. With the right challenge, it can be a breeze. These few tips should definitely make the entire process much smoother for golf enthusiasts.

Reserving Tee Times and Getting the Best Golfing Experience in Scotland

Scotland is billed as the birthplace of golf. It has the most famous and ancient golf course in the world found at St Andrews. To many avid golf fans, this course deserves pilgrimage status. The country has other famous courses like Gleneagles, Carnoustie, Balcomie, Royal Troon and Muirfield. Although this great game is seen as a reserve of the elite worldwide, in Scotland it enjoys wide exposure and appeal across the country.

Golfing Experience in ScotlandScotland has around 578 courses that divided among its ten regions. The highest concentration is found in highly populated areas like Glasgow and Edinburgh with 94 and 67 courses respectively. In addition to that, the country boasts of many courses per head compared with the rest of the world.

Reserving Tee Times and Getting the Best Golfing Experience in Scotland

The country boasts of some free courses that are open to the public like Musselburgh Links and St Andrews. Courses owned by the council have low fees with easy access. Owing to these reasons, finding a tee time is not as hard as many foreigners assume. A tee time is usually a time reserved for starting a round of golf. It is reserved for individuals and groups either days or even months in advance. This is dependent on the particular course because some enjoy higher demand.

Scheduling a tee time is not difficult. However, reserving venues used for hosting the British Open is a bit challenging. This is because many foreign golfers usually frequent these courses because they do not know other excellent locations around the country. Due to their high demand, a round may cost anything upwards of $200. Other less demanded locations have fewer restrictions on securing a tee time.

To secure a tee time, it is recommended to call ahead at the prospective course that you have identified and plan to play. Another alternative is to write to the secretary of the club to request a reservation, explain who you are and when you plan to play. Some clubs will require a small booking fee that is deducted from the credit card supplied. You could also book online by visiting a club website if available.

Golfing Experience in ScotlandThe websites can also help a player to view various times available and choose a suitable one. It is important to note that different courses will have different policies concerning cancellations and reservation. Many clubs require one to check in at least thirty minutes before time. Any violation may result to loss of tee time. In addition, cancellations are expected at least one day in advance. Late cancellations are subject to a fee charge.


It is essential to note that not all golf courses offer tee times. Some executive and nine-hole courses will give playing priority to the first players to report. The cost of playing in Scotland varies especially between weekends and weekdays. Popular courses vary tariffs according to seasons of the year. For a real Scottish experience, one must play at least a round of golf with local Scots. However, tour packages from companies will not allow this as they pair players with other visitors.